One of the most valuable pieces of data in our industry, I think, is the annual Power Broker Report and Survey conducted by RISMedia.  The 2008 edition is no exception, and is available here.  I highly recommend it if you’re interested in our industry as a whole.

I like to play with the numbers as soon as I can get my hands on them.  I’ll probably be writing about one or more aspects of this over the next few weeks, but thought I would share some interesting tidbits.

I only looked at the top 750 brokerage companies in the survey report because the numbers started getting wacky.  For example, the #961 company did 13 transactions totalling $70,000 in volume in 2008.  That just doesn’t sound right — either there’s a data entry error, or that company ain’t in business no mo’.

Plus, I excluded the top three companies: NRT, HomeServices of America, and Long & Foster, simply because they are such outliers that they really skewed the results.  For example, #3 Long and Foster more than doubled the sales volume of the #4 company, Prudential Douglas Elliman.

In any case, here are some numbers to chew on:

There are more interesting tidbits, and there are conclusions to be drawn from the information.  But for now, I thought some of the above was pretty interesting.

More to come.


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