In case you have visited Notorious R.O.B. before, you will surely notice that I have changed my blog theme.

I was using the Blix theme before (y’know, with the glowing eyes and all) which was a great theme.

But in putting the Onboard Informatics blog together, I came across a WordPress theme named The Journalist.  It really appealed to me not because I’m a journalist — in fact, I really would rather not be one of those — but because of its simple, clean, minimalist design that really emphasizes the writing.

The increased legibility from the larger fonts and the lack of clutter made it appealing to me, since I tend to write lots of words for no real reason at all.

It’s sparse, almost Spartan, but… I am really on a simplicity kick of late.  So here it is.

Expect new content soon — the Inman conference and the RE Bar Camp were amazing experiences.  I’ve met so many great people, got to know quite a few, regret not being able to spend time with many others of you, but look forward to the next meeting.  Oh yeah, and I got a ton of ideas for future posts.

And of course, I should have more time now that my major project for the first half of this year is finished.


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