For anyone who doesn’t know, which is unlikely amongst my readers, Gahlord Dewald is the Founder, CEO, and Janitor of Thoughtfaucet. He’s also one of the hosts for the Trialogues podcast.

Because we’ve been missing doing these, as Matthew Shadbolt, our dear friend and Trialogues partner, is temporarily out of commission, we decided to get together to talk about a couple of issues that Gahlord has been working on for a while. He’s one of the experts on the topic of social media, of course, but he’s also been doing a great deal of work on canonical tags and authorship tags. Both are topics that have been much in the news and discussions within real estate, because of the impact of both on SEO and on how Google would treat listing content.

Many thanks to Gahlord, and as always, thanks to you all.