Episode 8 is a tragedy. I have a great conversation with the Notorious B.O.B. Bemis of Procuring Cause, and with Greg Robertson, of Vendor Alley and of W&R Studios (the creator of CloudCMA). We discussed CMLS, The Realty Alliance, big issues in the conflict between MLS and brokerages, future of the industry, and so on.

But apparently, something was wrong with my microphone. The three of us could hear me just fine, but apparently, the recording device could not. So my voice was simply not captured. [That might actually be an improvement to the podcast, of course….]

So I have had to cut and edit this so that you can at least hear what these two industry veterans have to say. There are some fantastic insights into what went on, what’s going on, and what is likely to go on. I personally think Bob’s prediction as to what might be coming from The Realty Alliance group might be on target. Listen and learn.

Thanks again to Bob and Greg, and my deepest apologies to you all for the audio fail.