Evaluating Professionals: Imperfect Solution for an Imperfect World

Agent ratings are back in the conversation, thanks to this scintillating op/ed by Kris Berg (link is for Inman premium subscribers only) who is one of the best writers in real estate today.  I have written about this topic before (here and here) and it continues to fascinate and puzzle me still. Kris’s point essentially […]

Video of my NPS Session at REBC Philadelphia

Thanks to Greg Afarian (@zipvogreg) of Zipvo, there’s apparently video evidence of my session at REBarCamp Philadelphia. It was a great and fun session, and I hoped it would be useful to people who attended. For more information on NetPromoter Score and Real Estate, you can check out the page on 7DS: www.7dsassociates.com/RENPS. Thanks again […]