OK, I’ll Ask: How Is CoreLogic Threading the Upstream Needle?

So one of the bigger announcements in recent memory went out a few days ago, and… no one appears to be asking the obvious question about it. I am speaking of the announcement that CoreLogic will be the new vendor for UpstreamRE. Since I have good friends in both companies, I congratulate them both and […]

A Final Word (Hopefully) on Upstream

As you can imagine, there’s been a ton of chatter about Project Upstream and its “divorce” with Daddy NARbucks. I think I’ve gotten no fewer than three emails from consultants and thought leaders in the industry on the topic. Inman has written not just a news article announcing the split, but an in-depth investigation into […]

One Future of the MLS: Expanding On My Inman Presentation

I’m on an airplane back from Inman, feeling vaguely ill due to a combination of karaoke, tequila and vodka. Let’s just say it was epic, and I will pay homage to it somehow. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful Inman for me, as I’ve met some new friends, bonded all over again with old friends, and […]

Pivot? Or Reveal? Upstream Decides to Go Downstream

A few of you have already asked for my opinions on The Pivot, as it is now being called. At the NAR Midyear meetings that took place last week, Upstream’s CEO Alex Lange told the attendees at CMLS Brings It to the Table event that going forward, Upstream will take a data feed from the […]

We Need A Little More Honesty on Upstream: A Response to Sam Debord

Longtime readers know I have a wonderful yet odd relationship with Sam Debord. I love the man! He’s one of the best guys in the industry, smart, capable, caring, a true REALTOR who serves as the President of his Association, and a really fun guy to hang with at events. But then you also know […]

NAR Midyear 2016: Rumors, Questions, and Observations

[UPDATE: Please see the Comment below the post, in which Cary Sylvester clarified a couple of things raised in this post.] I had originally planned on writing a day-by-day diary of sorts for Midyear as I did a while back, but… frankly, things were moving so fast, and I was too busy sitting in meetings […]

The Church of REALTOR Faces A Fundamental Question

[You can consider this Part 2 of an ongoing series that started with my last post about comments on MLS and Upstream, but really this is more like Part 372 of an ongoing series about the future of organized real estate. You can blame my pie-in-the-sky high-level theorizing on my philosophy degree. But anyhow…] Organized […]

Clarifying My Remarks About Upstream and the MLS at the Zillow MLS Summit

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of MLS executives and leadership at the Zillow MLS Summit in Las Vegas. It was a Q&A format with Mitch Robinson from Zillow interviewing me on a number of questions and issues related to Project Upstream and the MLS. The video […]

Inside Baseball Issue: IDX and Internet Display

In doing some research for a couple of assignments, I’ve run across something that’s quite frankly not all that interesting to anybody not in the real estate industry, which falls under the “Inside Baseball” type of stuff. For that matter, this might not be of any interest except to MLS nerds. But that’s what I […]

Taking AI Seriously in Real Estate

For the second time this week, I’ve had the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence) come up vis-a-vis the real estate industry. The first time was when Aaron Norris of The Norris Group asked me about it on an upcoming radio show. The second time was today, when I saw this interesting article on Inman by […]