Realogy Dodges A Bullet; Future Looks Good

Almost a year ago, at a time when various folks in finance and real estate were ready to write eulogies for Realogy, I spent a few posts arguing that the rumors of Realogy’s demise were ahh… premature.  My basic point then was that the bondholders of Realogy have very little incentive to push Realogy into […]

In Which I Defend Realogy, Yet Again (It IS Fun!)

In the comments section of my post on Alex Perriello’s confidence in denying a bankruptcy for Realogy, a commenter by name of “Still Don’t Agree” raises several very interesting points.  And because SDA wasn’t a raving lunatic, but apparently a very smart, very logical, and a calm & measured commentator, I thought it worth using […]

Realogy Sure Sounds Confident

I guess because of the recent story on US, there’s been quite a lot of speculation about Realogy going bankrupt. My original post back in November of last year on why I thought Realogy made for a particularly poor bankruptcy candidate is getting rather large amount of traffic, and the comments have been illuminating […]