The seeds of war bark like dogs

Inman reported on 4/30 that Redfin was going live in Las Vegas – going live, meaning they would have real agents with boots on the ground rather than relying on just one broker to give them a virtual presence in the market and access to the MLS. In a blog post entitled “Redfin and the Seeds […]

Law of Unintended Consequences: The ACTRIS Version

The law of unintended consequences, often cited but rarely defined, is that actions of people—and especially of government—always have effects that are unanticipated or unintended. – Library of Economics & Liberty I’m in St. Paul, MN, where the sun has conspired with the river to create a hundred gorgeous pleasures. Like conversing with new and […]

The Wolf Eventually Showed Up!

The whole world of MLS is exploding. That part that isn’t exploding will be carpet bombed into oblivion. The sky isn’t just falling, it’s getting ready to crush every little chicken in its path. So many people are crying “Wolf!” that even the wolf is scared spitless. At least that’s what some writers would have […]

The Next Lion . . . the Next Hill: Thoughts from CMLS 2013

The Council of Multiple Listing Services held its annual conference in Boise, ID this past week. In keeping with the high standards of excellence (which may be redundant, but I liked the phrase) of past conferences, our host, Greg Manship from Intermountain MLS, the local host, and his staff put on a top notch program. Many of the […]

On Franchise IDX, Industry Rules, and Complaints

I think this mostly analytical, mostly opinion post nows goes beyond the ambit of my NAR Midyear coverage. So, many many thanks to Zillow for sponsoring the Midyear series (I may have more of them in the future) but this post is sponsor-free. Predictably, the news from Midyear about Franchise IDX has resulted in mass […]

Midyear Reports: On the Franchise IDX Decision

This post, and this series of reports and opinions from NAR Mid-Year 2011, brought to you by: [UPDATED Friday 5/13; see end of post] Yesterday, I reported on the decision of the MLS Policy Committee to suspend the Franchise IDX rule and refer it to a new working group for revision by the Annual Convention […]

Why IDX At All?

Inman News is reporting on an upcoming issue with IDX: whether IDX should be distributed “via RSS”. [Since I’m on an iPad, I won’t be copying and pasting text from the story. Go read it in full, though.] Basically, the issue is that some people want to put IDX listings on Facebook, Twitter, and various […]

Realty Alliance, Franchise IDX, and Future of NAR

Earlier today, I was interviewed by Matt Carter of Inman News, who wrote a story about Realty Alliance sending a formal letter to NAR asking that the MLS Committee repeal the rule allowing franchisors to display IDX. It’s a good breaking news story on a potentially important topic. Read it in full. I was quoted […]