Zillow Raises the Bar in Real Estate, Whether You Like it or Not

Happy Friday everybody. I realize most of you won’t get to this until tomorrow or perhaps Monday, but since I’ve been working on the Zillow Q2 earnings analysis (likely publishing on Monday), I wanted to end the week on a… well… interesting note. Most of you have seen the headlines on Inman about Zillow’s massive […]

Redfin, Ethics and Article 16

Over on the Book of Faces, in the Inman Coast to Coast group, there’s quite a discussion that erupted from something that Redfin does. You might not be able to view it, although this is a public group, so go ahead and join it if you can’t. Let me not bury the lede: I don’t […]

The Difference Between Business and a Profession

I’ve been traveling almost nonstop for a few weeks, so things have been light in the blogging department. My latest stop was Stefan Swanepoel’s T3 Summit in Los Angeles last week, a fabulous event made even more fabulous this year because of agent Eric Boyenga of the Silicon Valley Real Estate Team. T3 attracts  the most powerful people […]

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations: The Inman Person of the Year Edition

Blogging, social media, and work activities have been at an all time low. Big part of the reason is that the above is my view right now, except that you can’t see the turquoise waters of the Caribbean glistening like a carpet of gems…. So yeah, getting on the ye olde laptop is not real […]

Things To Worry About From the British Columbia IAG Report

The other day, I let you all know about the bomb that British Columbia in Canada dropped on the real estate industry. I’ve spent some time reading the full report, and while this is still sort of an early first-reaction, I think there are a few things to worry about from that report, certainly for Canadian […]

The Myth of the Irreplaceable REALTOR

Over on the Texas Association of REALTORS website, there’s a reprint of an article from the December 2015 issue of REAL Trends entitled “Why technology will never replace REALTORS.” I’ll wait for the cheering to die down a bit. OK. Good? OK, moving on then. Steve Murray, who is one of my heroes in the industry, basically […]

Follow-Up Post on Brass Tacks: What To Do About Marginal Agents?

Happy Friday everyone. I wanted to do this quick follow-up to my Brass Tacks: What To Do About Marginal Agents post from November 20, 2015. Because the comments on that post were… interesting… so I figured we might get some more interesting comments on this one. If you recall, in that original post, I highlighted […]

Marginal REALTORS: Five Things an Association Can Do Today

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday; I personally got some really great news the day before Thanksgiving, so I had a truly memorable one myself. I even managed to hold on to that feeling of profound gratitude as the sentiment turned from giving thanks to indulging in exercises in gluttony that would have […]

Brass Tacks: What To Do About Marginal REALTORS?

My recent post on Zillow and the winds of war led to some predictable responses. The automated bot-scripts posted about how Zillow sucks, the leads are terrible, and how Spencer’s gonna eat your baby, etc. etc., even though my post had nothing to do with any of that. The principal objection of those who actually […]