Simple, Easy, and the Starbucks Index

  I would write a review of my week in New York City at the Inman Connect conference… except that I was in meetings pretty much all day long, and missed all but one session. I’ll direct you instead to people like Sean Carpenter for a recap. But I did have a great series of […]

New Design, New Theme

In case you have visited Notorious R.O.B. before, you will surely notice that I have changed my blog theme. I was using the Blix theme before (y’know, with the glowing eyes and all) which was a great theme. But in putting the Onboard Informatics blog together, I came across a WordPress theme named The Journalist.  […]

Move Toward Simplicity

Achtung, der Marketingspezialisten! I’m not sure how many others have picked up on this, but I really think there’s something afoot. The zeitgeist has shifted. There is a palpable and noticeable move towards simplicity, towards manual labor, and away from “high-tech” and complexity. Just in the last few days, I’ve seen two examples of companies […]