Transparency For Thee, But Not For Me

(I’m going to try an experiment with this post and a couple others in the future. This post will be under 600 words, period. Then I’ll track site stats.) Over on Facebook, Danny Dietl writes: …why don’t they [Zillow] just put a disclaimer on the front page that says something like “we are working on having […]

A TED Talk, and an Experiment

I’ve watched the above video three times now. It’s Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker who made a number of documentaries, the most widely known of which is Supersize Me, talking about his new project: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. It’s a look at the world of sponsorship, branding, and advertising. Watch the whole video. The TED […]

Transparency, Real Estate, and Consequences

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” – Milton Friedman There are certain topics within the real estate industry that keeps coming back from time to time, like Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees.  The future of REBarCamp, raising the standards of professionalism, broker brands vs. agent brands, and so on. Some topics, you wish […]

Honesty… Is Such A Lonely Word

But I don’t want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies. All I want is someone to believe. – Billy Joel I had a very interesting conversation with a realtor friend of mine today on the topic of personal branding.  She said something like: You know what phrase I hate the most?  “To be […]

Lessons from Counterinsurgency, Part 2: Petraeus on Local

In part 1 of this series, we discussed Information Operations and the importance of integrity in counterinsurgency strategy.  I took lessons from the U.S. Military, and the author of those doctrines Gen. David Petraeus, and applied them to the real estate industry.  In this installment, I’d like to take a look at another key principle […]

Lessons from Counterinsurgency Pt. 1: Petraeus on Integrity

It may be completely inappropriate to compare the life-and-death work of our military in Afghanistan to the buying and selling of real estate ensconced in our safety… but I could not help but read this with interest: We also must strive to be first with the truth. We need to beat the insurgents and extremists […]