Quick Take – January 12,2020

So… I just learned today that my Mailchimp was on the fritz again, so you might not have received any Quick Takes for a while. I apologize about that, but you can find all past Quick Takes along with all VIP articles in the Notorious VIP Section of the website. (Make sure you’re logged in.) […]

Quick Take – January 5, 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade, so welcome to the first Quick Take of 2020! I realize both the writing and the Quick Takes have been very sparse because… well… the holidays. Let’s leave it at that. Now, let’s move on into the brave new world. Notorious TL;DR Since we last did a […]

Quick Take – December 15, 2019

Welcome to another issue of Quick Takes. Notorious TL;DR Since we last did a Quick Take, here are the new posts up on Notorious. Because ’tis the season, to be jolly of course, but also the season for a number of annual traditions here with enormous end-of-the-year posts, writing has been and will be a […]

Quick Take – December 6, 2019

So apparently, a bug in my Mailchimp meant that the last two Quick Takes did not go out. I have the dev fixing it right now, but that still means I have to write it. I apologize for all the technical difficulties; I hope to have all of that addressed soon with a new website. […]

Quick Take – November 22, 2019

Happy Friday, everybody. Has it really been almost a month since I did one of these? It sure does look that way, since my last real Quick Takes was on 11/1. Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa! My only excuse is that I made poor choices as a young man, which led to becoming a consultant […]

[VIP] Redfin, Q3/2019: Nice Rebound, And Yet…

Redfin’s Q3 results showed a solid rebound from a rather disappointing Q2. It looks great all around, with revenues, profit, market share, etc. all up and up very healthy. Agent productivity is up, traffic is up, and Redfin Now is a $80 million business in Q3. So all in all, a very nice rebound. There […]

[VIP] RE/MAX Q3, 2019: Don’t Look Back

RE/MAX reported Q3 earnings on Halloween, and I can’t help but think there was a lot more trick than treat in its Q3 results. Yes, RE/MAX remains fundamentally healthy and it has some advantages over its main competitors, especially the other publicly reporting franchise company, Realogy, but there were a lot more walking dead in […]

[VIP] Zillow and Opendoor Q3 iBuyer Data: Denver

In the last Phoenix iBuyer comparison, I said I was compiling some data out of Denver. Well, here it is for your enlightenment and entertainment. One thing to note: Offerpad is not active in Denver. Redfin is, but my dataset has no Redfin sales. I hope to see if I can get my hands on […]

[VIP] Q3 iBuyer Comparison: Phoenix Market – Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad

Q3 earnings reports are mere weeks away, which means that Q3 has been over for a couple of weeks. That means I got my hands on some new iBuyer data. I’m compiling some Denver data (which I’ll post later in a different post) but the easy comparison is for Phoenix. In case you don’t recall, […]