So in advance of Friday, which is when I figure most people might have time to read something like this, I wanted to let everybody know that the Future of Brokerage Black Paper is now available.

Some of you who requested a copy received it by email a week ago (check your filters if you haven’t seen it). But I thought, hey, why not… this is the best informed audience in real estate… I’m probably going to start writing more on this topic so might as well set the groundwork.

Without further ado, here it is:

View this document on Scribd

You can download the PDF right from Scribd.

Like I said, I’ll be writing more on this topic in the future, but most of the foundations are in this Black Paper. Feel free to comment and give us your thoughts here.

Thanks, and happy Thursday!




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  1. Well done Rob – have just downloaded and read your Black Paper. It seems our thinking is aligned in many ways. I’m interested to know if you have any case studies – or if “The Firm” is just a concept at this stage?
    It’s a model I’ve been working towards for several years now… Restating Real Estate as a Professional Service. The first step was proving the model to consumers (our clients) in our local market… Tick. The next step is scaling/expanding. Or put another way, bringing more partners into our Firm. Your paper very closely describes the path we are already heading down.
    If you don’t have any real live case studies on your side of the world, then you may be interested in a living, breathing example on the other side of the world.

  2. I’ve read, and re-read this Black Paper numerous times over the last week. It’s clear to me that we have a very similar vision of the future of real estate brokerage. As a young 30-something entrepreneurial-minded techie, with nearly 13 years working full-time in the real estate industry (the last 8 of those years as a Technology Director at a large local brokerage), while practicing as a licensed salesperson; I just recently acquired my broker license with specific intent. Why? This is the first published paper to fully describe the true reasons back of my motive & intent toward that acquisition. Well done, sir, very well done! 😉

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