It is probably obvious by now that I have been letting this blog slide for quite some time.  The reason is that I have a day job as head of marketing for Onboard, and well, as is my wont, I’ve taken on a bit much at the same time.  In my defense, I feel that we had to do these things, but still… it’s about five or six major projects at the same time.  With but a fraction of the budget I was used to at Realogy.

In any event, we’ve been working our butts off (quite literally, as I’m down 5 lbs from the last physical) for the past several weeks, and I’m seeing the end of the tunnel.  I can’t show you all what my team and I have been working on so hard, but suffice to say that those of you attending Real Estate Connect in San Francisco will see some new things from Onboard. 🙂

You’ll have to tell me what you really think of the result.